ImmusanT is Pioneering New Discoveries in Immunology
to Develop Novel Therapies for the Treatment of Celiac Disease
Therapeutic Area:
Celiac Disease
Cambridge, MA
  • ImmusanT is committed to the discovery and development of innovative therapies and diagnostics for celiac disease, an autoimmune-like condition caused by an immune reaction to gluten proteins.
  • ImmusanT’s lead product, Nexvax2, is a therapeutic vaccine intended to protect against the effects of gluten exposure in patients who carry the immune recognition gene for HLA-DQ2.5, which accounts for 80-90% of celiac disease patients.
  • Nexvax2 established safety and tolerability in Phase 1 studies and demonstrated biologic activity by modifying the immune response in celiac disease patients as evidenced by quantitative biomarker measurements.
  • No pharmacological treatment is available today to treat celiac disease, which affects as many as 3 million Americans and about 1% of the population in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North India. A strict gluten-free diet remains the only available intervention.
  • Nexvax2 offers the possibility of a therapeutic approach that may improve symptoms and quality of life for celiac disease patients.

“The Vatera team’s collaborative approach and patient capital have been integral to the advancement of our company and technology. In Vatera, we have found a truly aligned partner, one who shares our passion for helping patients and our vision to build a company that is pioneering therapies for celiac disease.”

Leslie Williams, RN
Director, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer