Arisaph Develops Novel Therapies for Cardiometabolic
Diseases and Cancer Using its Proprietary Drug Discovery Platform
Therapeutic Area:
Cardiometabolic Diseases & Cancer
Boston, MA
  • Arisaph Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to employ rational drug design to develop new chemical entities that are highly potent and act on well-established and validated targets.
  • Arisaph currently has multiple active drug discovery programs. By focusing its drug development activities on validated targets, the company believes that the risks associated with new chemical entity development can be mitigated compared with developing first-in-class compounds for nonvalidated targets.
  • Arisaph leverages its medicinal chemistry expertise to develop differentiated medicines that are highly potent and act on select validated targets.

“Michael Jaharis’ legacy lives on through Vatera Healthcare Partners’ dedication to building great companies. Mike was a pharmaceutical legend and the sine qua non behind the success of Key and Kos Pharmaceuticals, and at Arisaph we seek to carry on his pioneering vision. We work closely with the Vatera team to develop differentiated products. Their long-term perspective, which is uncommon in the venture community, is a critical success factor in building valuable biopharma companies, as exemplified by what we did at Kos.”

Christopher Kiritsy
Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer